Sections and options

Intensive English Section

From CE2 (Year 4), schools in the Principality offer pupils the option of admission to the Intensive English section.

Requests for enrolment are made during CE1 (Year 3), in line with the following arrangements and objectives:

  • Pupils receive four hours of English teaching per week
  • This may involve extra hours and changes to the timetable
  • All teachers are native English speakers or completely bilingual
  • All pupils receive the same basic education
  • A pupil may leave the Intensive English section and return to the standard timetable at any time in the following cases:
    • If the class teacher believes that the pupil is having difficulties with core subjects
    • If the English teacher believes that the pupil is not yet at a level where they can benefit from intensive English classes
    • At the parents’ request

The Year 4 class (CE2) is usually a trial period for the child, but a pupil can leave the "Intensive English" Section at any time and return to the introductory section.

Primary adaptation class

This is for children with one or more severe learning disabilities who have an Personalised Welcome Plan ("PAP" in French for "Plan d'Accueil Personnalisé"), validated by the school doctor.

This small class is for pupils in Cycle 3 (Years 5, 6 and 7). It is specially equipped, and, in particular, has specially adapted computers.